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For us, it’s all about quality, price and the satisfaction of the customer, the customer always comes first. We hope and aim to please at all times. You’ll be amazed at the prices on offer and the quality of the products that goes with it.

You might be looking for something special to put a smile on your face or just to make someone feel special, it might also be to celebrate a special occasion, we try our best to create lasting memories with our product offering, we just don’t sell products that looks and feel good, we sell products that you will always be glad you brought because of the quality, durability and price offering.

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The Howard Fowlin business story started in 1990, he had a passion for watches and sold his products directly to shops and small businesses but he’s always had big ambition to make his mark in the direct marketing business. His mission. ? To always sell quality products that consist of the best material for the price on offer and never knowingly overcharge for his service.

The internet has open the door to bring his skills and ambition to transform his bricks and mortar business to the world wide web by giving the same quality of service and dedication to details about the quality of the product he sells, this dedication has stood the test of time in his business world for over 29 years.

What we look for in our suppliers, Good Craftsmanship, Product Durability, Good product designs, The best material for the price, and good back office support, the willingness and the ability to sort out problems if and when they occur

At present we have thousands of satisfied customers , when you give us your custom, we will always guarantee, you’ll be treated as an individual, you’ll always receive a special service from us, no matter what. We make it our aim and mission to build a special and lasting relationship with all of our customers, and we hope you will join the thousands of satisfied customers in sharing the benefits of shopping with us and experiencing the amazing savings on the quality products being offered.

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